Thursday, April 2, 2009

To Muslima or not to Muslima?

That is the question.

I am very shy. It takes me a very long time to get comfortable with people. I mean I have known people for like 10 years and I am still not comfortable with just being me.

Anyway, I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing the whole cyber dating thing seriously with But what if someone that I know sees me on there? Are they going to say…look at that loser…she cant get anyone to like her she is so pathetic. And yes that is the worse case scenario. But then I ask myself…am I ready to get married? I mean really really ready…to get married? And my instinct is to say hell no and start running.

But there is something greater that is making me want to get married. I want to get married for the right reasons. For my religion and for a partner to share my life with. But getting there is what really irritates me.

There is a big part of me that believes that when God decides its time for me to married, I will meet my husband and we will just get married.

But then I think…the dreaded words… ‘what if’…and that’s where comes in. But can we really meet our partners on the web? I only know of one couple that actually got together and stayed together, but they not married.

To be honest, I have actually gone to cyber dating sites before and made a profile, just to see what I would get. I put a fake picture, but the real info, and obviously the picture is nicer than the truth. So I start talking to the guys that respond, a couple emails here and there, and it takes about two emails before they start being freaks. But is different, its serious stuff, so I would have to put a real photo and my real self. Can I really do that? Maybe I’m just a big scary cat ;( maybe I should just do it. What do you think?

Say I do it…then what?


Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

Go for it.
It's just another medium.
Technically, I met Naeem 'on the net', via the blogosphere.
Does give you permission settings for your photograph, so that people need to request before they can view? If they do, you can go with that option. Filter out the freaks and frogs.

Azra said...

Do it, it's not like you're saying:

"I do, yes I do, yes I'll get married, yes I'll make the beans, yes I'll make the rice" - Martin Lawrence

lol, you're just weighing your options thats all. you never know in which direction life takes you.

Trinity said...

so far 2 yes's.

Well see.

I need at least one person to tell me why not to do it, before a weigh anything.

M Junaid said...


although i wouldnt go the online dating route - but hey - sometimes we find love in the most unlikeliest of places :)

Anonymous said...

go for it :)

you never know what can come out of it :)

Anonymous said...

no one has the right to moch and if they do, screw em [ignore my harsh lingo] the fact is you have the right to whichever route u wanna take,
it is one way or the other you are gonna meet him ... so it is!

Trinity said...

Thanks for the support guys!

I think I'll do it. And then blog about it.

If nothing else comes out of it, at least it will be interesting to read right?

But I need to finish my Masters first ;(