Friday, December 2, 2011

Instead of complaining....laugh

Lately my facebook page has begun to look like one of those awful FW: emails. I hate those emails, you wanna seriously irritate me, send me a FW: email. I delete them straight away. But for some reason having them on facebook is just different. Funnier and much more needed.

It’s started with me just needing to laugh, to drum up some positive energy because I got so sick and tired of people (including myself) complaining that it’s Monday or celebrating its Friday. Is that not the saddest thing you’ve ever seen? People who only live for the weekends? There has to be more to life than that. I remember a time when I lived for Monday morning (yes I was stupid) but it was really nice. I got five good days and two okay days. That’s what life should be like.

It really got me thinking about how we as people approach life. For many of us, it’s like all we tend to do is complain and gossip. Even if we have nothing to complain about (we always find something to gossip about). We get so use to complaining and being unhappy that when we have an opportunity to be happy we don’t know how to be. So we complain and be unhappy about all the things our ‘happiness’ lacks.

Happiness is something that comes and goes. One day you happy the next day you are not. I’ve come to accept that for what it is. And not try to make it last longer, I now try and enjoy every second of it. We get so consumed with trying to find happiness, to be happy to look happy to others and what do we do if we don’t have it? We complain about the fact that we are not happy. Instead of making ourselves happy.

I think the one thing I’ve learned is that complaining doesn’t help anything. You can discuss, argue even bitch now and then but complaining is that nagging monotone reasoning you tell yourself or others about why things never really worked out.

I am not good at letting the past go, but it has dawn on me more this year that holding on, is just stupid. It’s like Elena told Stephan on Vampire Diaries “I won’t love a ghost for the rest of my life”.

How many ghosts do we love? In the form of would be or ex lovers. Times in our lives like high school or University. Or thinking about how life should be. It’s cool to remember and reminisce but to love it, and miss it as if it was present in your life is insane.

I’m tired of loving ghosts.

I have two wishes for the world this Friday, I wish people would stop complaining and people should stop gossiping (including me). Just how what other people think is none of your business, so too what other people do is none of your business.