Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Okay, its been quite a while but I am still upset at the horrible job they did with the casting and story line of X-Men 1,2,3. Firstly If/when we play X-Men – I am Rogue. Azra and I have discussed this, and this is more or less what we came up with. I grew up with the X-Men cartoon, which I absolutely loved. So a lot of what I think they should have done in the movie has references to the cartoon. (The cartoon and comic differ slightly from time to time).

Now I do understand that the makers probably had their reasons for doing what they did, but this is how I would have liked to have seen it all go down.

I was mortified when Rouge who in the cartoon is a very powerful adult and equal to Jean-Gray and Storm (in both cartoon and comic), was cast as a Teenager.

Anna Paquin? This is a classic example of – just because you won an Oscar doesn’t mean you can do everything! I liked her in She’s All that but she was horrible as Rogue! Being all week and whinny! It was pathetic! Rogue had a personal anguish with what her powers could do – there is no question about that but to portray her as a “victim” is sad and does no justice to the character. Who was one of the strongest women there.
So we would cast Angie Everheart as Rogue.
Storm also fell flat. Halle Berry is beautiful but she doesn’t fit what Storm was. Her acting was also kak another Oscar case – and that accent!! Don’t get me started…

So we came up with Vanessa Williams instead. But Now that I’m thinking about it, I think Vivica A. Fox could have done a MUCH better job!

Everyone else – I think was perfect for their roles. Magneto and Xavier were born to play those parts. I think Cyclops (James Masters) should have been a little bit more buff – but other than that it was perfect. Jubilee was “the teenager” in the cartoon. They had a good casting but they did not utilize the character as they should have. She should have been in Rogue’s position in the first Movie.

The story line in both the comic and cartoon is complex, interwoven and complicated. As all Marvel comics are and I like them like that. I think by trying to jet pack things in they missed out very valuable story lines. Gambit didn’t even make an appearance – which was very upsetting. The 3rd X-Men was a huge disappointment! Worse than all the other two. Everything looks pretty but there was no substances – it felt like they were trying to rush through the whole story but in some area’s it was so slow! The fighting scene was nothing to rave about either.

They could have got all unknown actors who fit the characters (instead of well known actors who the characters were moulded to) as this would have been cheaper and thus they could have made more movies and given the characters the opportunity to be fully explored and given us more movies to watch.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Edge’s post has inspired me….

So what have I learned in 2008?

I learned that women are very unforgiving.

I learned that it doesn’t matter how nice a man is, if he gets the chance to cheat he will.

I have learned that a woman is no different.

I have learned that there are some good guys out there who are not gay, dead or married.

I have learned that I should let go of the past. No matter how bad, sad or destroying it was. Its over.

I have learned to live in the moment. For it will never be the same again.

I have learned that I am stronger than I look.

I have learned that you can choose to love someone.

I have learned that no matter how good a lesson is learned; sometimes the price we pay is too great.

I have learned that sometimes you shouldn’t think, you should just do.

I have learned that there is no one single truth out there.

I have learned that there are some things in this world that I don’t want to know. Cause knowing them could change me.

I have learned to always carry a jacket, no matter what the weather man says.

I have learned the value of a toilet roll.

I have learned that I don’t like living alone.

I have learned how to take the bus. (In SA this is a big thing)

I have learned that you can change the way you feel about someone.

I have learned that friendships die.

I have learned no matter how much you run, the past will catch up with you.

I have learned that darkness is not so scary.
I have learned that is doesn’t get better – so here we go….2009 – bring it biatch!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The fall of Men

The desire for power seems to be mans fatal flaw in more than just fiction. What is power anyway? The ability to do what ever you want to do with no consequences. There is always consequences. Whether we believe that or not.

I am sad at the station of Men today. Sad that we have to fear them. That they cheat on their wives and leave their children, or worse hurt them in ways that only true evil can conceive. I am sad that women today still fall for the same sad stories over and over again and find themselves in situations where they fear for their lives. Children are changed, destroyed and all we can do is give 16 days to think about them? Granted it is 16 days more than what we did before, it is still not enough.

Where are the heroes? Not the men who strap bombs to their chests. The men who defend the weak, and protect the innocent and give up their dreams and desires for the good of their family’s. Where are the silent heroes? I know some might say, there are still good men out there. But what are they doing about the horrors of our society?

I want to believe in the world of Men. That they would be able to honour the station that Allah (SWT) has created for them. That man can lead us to transcend our history and forge a new one for our children. But Men are weak. I know some really nice guys, but that does not stop them from cheating on their spouses or leave their children.

And that is what is really sad. That as women we have to constantly have our backs up against the wall with men. Even if a good guy came up to me, I wouldn’t even recognise him, because my defences are so high up. And they are not the heroes they once were. They will not break down the walls anymore they will just walk to the next open garage.

As long as the ordinary man does not stand up to men who use and abuse, nothing will be done. If women fight, we are “feminists” or trying to be like men. So yet again, the fate of the free world rests in the hands Men. So women, I ask you, do we leave them to their fate? Do we let them stand alone?

Monday, December 1, 2008


I want to blog. I do.

I have a lot to say. But every time I start, it just sounds crap.

I’m sad. Sad at the world we live in. At all the evil that exists in it. And its not because of the latest “terror attacks”. It’s simple things, like family who wish you ill, or people who talk behind your back, or even road rage! It is all small acts but laced with evil. And people don’t realise that every bad thing that happens clings to the essence of life and seeps into it and before you know it…the light is consumed.