Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crashing Dreams

My dreams have just come crashing down on me.

I thought that I could use the Confederations cup as a practice run for the world cup.
For stalking that is. I wanted to find out how easy it would be to track down the international hunks of the football world, for this round concentrating on Italy and Egypt.

Finding out where they are staying, when and where they will be out and about checking out the sites of S.A. But alas, this dream of mine, just like so many others, will never be for-filled. I will not be in the country when the Confederations cup takes place and let me tell you, I am having serious bouts of regret.

My plan was to somehow find out where they are staying and wait for them outside the hotel. The whole stake out thing has always been a dream of mine ever since Beverly Hills cop. Anyway I would them follow them to a training session and wherever they were having supper or lunch and just conveniently bump into them at the restaurant (assuming it is at a restaurant) making as if I don’t even know who they were. Then I would say, “You look familiar” and he – whichever he it was – would just smile. Then I would have the realization and say, please can I take a picture. And because I was not really carrying on like a crazed fan, he would oblige. I would be composed, beautiful, cool and sexy, but inside I would really be dying.

I mean look at them…

Then...and this is the most important part. Because I was so composed and calm and sexy, he would say, “Marry me and I’ll say yes” And he’ll become Muslim if he is not and then we will live a happy, wag-alicious Muslim life.

The End.

This plan is too good to just give up right?

Well, guess I’ll just have to wait for the 2010 ;)


Anonymous said...

wow. what composure :)

Aasia said...

well trinity, guess who's working the hotel scene, as a bonfide hostess! Moi, I don't know which hotel, but if it's going to be like the all africa games in 1999. they usually place you in all of them!

So *ahem* I will be there!

Gotta love volunteering, it definitely has it perks :)

Trinity said...

americanising desi - I know. You can hardly even comprehend the post can you? With all the Italian man everywhere...hmmmm

Aasia - I wanna volunteer!!!! how do you do that? Seriously...hook a girl up come on!! Pretty please!!!

Azra said... didn't think that you're going to go stalking without the master didya?

Don't worry, there's better fish to stalk in the sea... :P