Monday, December 14, 2009

My 2cents worth

There are two things that I am really sick of right now.

The first, is the whole world cup fever thing. Yeah...I've been waiting for what is it, 8 years now? (yes 8 because South Africans didn't count the last world cup) and I'm done. And with SA playing in the group that they are going to, I don't see any hope. I'm sorry, I know its pessimistic, but I can't help it. I am patriotic and I will still support them, even though I know better. With the hope that I'm proven wrong.

The one good thing about the world cup is all the beautiful males that will be gracing us with their rock hard abs, thighs of steel and hair that takes longer than a match to groom...mmm.

The second is the whole love hate relationship with twilight. Firstly I don't get the girls who go that crazy for Rob P, who is not as good looking as Edward, a fact that he has admitted to. And then I don't get all the haters, who think its the worst movie that they have ever seen. Ever watched Max Payne? That for me was looking pulling out my finger nails one by one!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The books a geared to teenagers, and they just happened to be a hit with a larger age group. The books is not any different to any other teen books out there, like point romance, point horror, sweet sixteen...books that I have not seen on any shelves for quite some time. If you ever do come across any of them, take the time to read one of them, which will take you like an hour and you will realise that all Twilight is, is the rehashing of an old genre. A genre that seems to be dead to me.

The New Moon movie, as far as I'm concerned was good, even better than the book. They did a very good job, even though you could see Bella had contacts in one of the scenes. Oh and what happened to the rain? It rained like only once! The fighting was much better in Movie, which gives Breaking Dawn hope because in terms of the fighting it was a serious anti climax in the book.

Twilight is not the first to sprout words of cheesiness and it will not be the last. Ever watched Wedding Date? Its like cheese galore. So here is some advice...if you didn't like the first two don't watch the second two because the cheese just keeps on coming. And really its something you either like or you don't.

Personally, I think June is too far away.