Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Time Warp

When I stepped into the elevator, I didn’t know that it was actually a portal into another world.

When I stepped out of the elevator it was like I walked into the 1970’s Apartheid South Africa. I had gone into the administration section of the public library. And it was something out of a dream. The brown and cream furniture with an Afrikaans radio station played in the background. Hardcover books filled the room, and the three white women who worked there sat at their tables writing out those cards…what do you call them again…its like an index in the library??? with the book and authors name on it??? Anyway, the librarians were dressed in those floral ensembles, with the big hair, and pink painted long nails. A white man sat in a brown office at his desk writing. I don’t think I even saw a computer.

That was by far the worst architecture and colour period of all time. That dull brown, cream and orange colour palate that makes me what to kill myself, that’s how depressing it is. But what was so strange is that in 2009, in an office in the public library, this little world seems to still exist. I was escorted by a black lady who worked at the front desk of the library. She insisted I come with her to ask Admin for toilet paper, because if she had to ask, she would be get into trouble.

Time really is strange; it can speed along for most. And for some, they can freeze it with that horrible brown furniture and paint. Really, the ‘new’ government should have saved all that money in re-naming places that already had okay names and spend it re-decorating the municipal buildings. Then maybe government workers would not be such sour assess.


Azra said...

Sadness...thats what most of the 70's can be described as in terms of colour. And yet for them it was cool.

The only brown I love exists in chocolate :P

Trinity said...

Even shit is a better