Thursday, October 14, 2010

Angel, Flash Foward and the Future

I think my biggest problem is that I want to find meaning in everything. Even though I know that sometimes, things happen, just because they happen. Nothing is what is seems, but sometimes. Reality is much more simple that you see it.

I remember a very specific episode of Angel. There was a prophecy that was deciphered by Wesley that Angel would drink the blood of his son. At this point, his son Conner was just a baby and everyone was in love with him. In an effort to save Conner from being killed by Angel, Wesley steals the child which leads to a succession of events with grave consequences. But after all of that, Angel really did drink the blood of his son, because one of his enemies, I think it was Wolferman Heart, had but his sons blood into Angles pigs blood. Now had Wesley realised that little loophole that the son would not have to die, in order for the prophecy to come true.

I always think that, when hearing about predictions of the future. Recently I watched Flash Forward. It’s a series (based on a book) that only has one season, but the concept of it was absolutely awesome. With good actors, I just think the director was a bit crappy. Anyway if you haven’t seen it this is what happens:
The whole world blacks out for two minutes and 17 seconds, and in this time they see the future. But the future that they saw was as a result of the blackout. So the future that saw happened because they blacked out, had they not blacked out the outcome of their futures would not have been the same. But you watch as the characters live out their lives, some trying to insure that their future happens just the way they saw it, others trying to do everything they can to stop it. And in both instances, the future happens as closely as possible to what they saw.
So the question is, in hearing seeing or reading ‘prophecies’ or predictions of the future, do we have the power to change the future? Or in trying to avoid the prediction, do we cause the prediction to take effect anyway?

There is a reason predicting the future is haraam (not permissible) meaning should not be done at ALL. The very thought that we have a specific density, whether true or not, to fulfil denotes that as humans we have no choice the matter. The whole point of life, and earth is, the choice of man. As humans we have a free will that is stronger than any other creation. So if we all have a specific destiny to follow...where does our choice land us? On different side roads that all land at the same spot? I use to think so. My understanding of destiny and choice has changed. I have recently realised that dua (prayer) and free will can change our destiny. So can the evil eye.

Therefore your destiny is not written in stone.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I don’t know if this was a coincidence or was it destiny full circle crap.

But I wanted to blog about something and then realised that I might have blogged about it before. So just to be sure, I checked my archives. And decided, to just see what was the date of my first blog.

It was the 6th of October 2008. Then I realised TODAY is the 6th of October!!!!

Very weird.

But anyway...Happy Blogger Birthday to me!