Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kicked in the Face

I got kicked in the face once. I kid you not. No real damage, just a split lip and even that wasn’t so bad. But I wanted to cry. Because I got kicked in the face. You would cry too if it happened to you.

But it only happened once. I learned my lesson from that day onwards. Always keep your hands up to protect yourself. Always. No matter what. No matter how weak you think your opponent is. Always keep your hands up. And when I taught my kids in karate, I would tell them the very same thing. “Keep your hands up! Do you wanna get kicked in the face?”

Falling in love (with someone who doesn't love you back) is like being kicked in the face. From day one, you are taught to keep your hands up, but because of sheer laziness you don’t. In your gut you know it’s coming, you know how to block, how to protect yourself. And then you realise that your negligence, your need for that adrenaline, leads to a very distinctive whacking sound then seeing stars that leaves you spitting out blood.

I got kicked in face once. Left me spitting out blood. It wasn’t that bad. Left me with a split lip and seeing stars for a while. I should have kept my arms up. But really who lives like that? You can’t keep your hands up forever.
Eventually you will lose your concentration, you’ll put your hands down and then *Bam* *stars* *spitting blood*

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random Musings

Last night was the first time, in a long time, I drank tea when it was hot. I was sipping it and thought ‘this is how you suppose to drink tea’, not fill half hot, half cold and then gulp it down.

I’m waiting in anticipation. I’ve read the blogs on being single and looking for a wife. He has a wife, now...so where’s the blog on married life? Or am I missing something?

I thought Christchurch was a church. I’m blond I know.

The agony of love feels just as good as the feeling of love sometimes.

I’m not as good at change as I thought I was. I need time. To think. To be. To feel. Then I’ll be okay.

I’m beginning to wonder if having a loveless, irritating marriage is something I can’t avoid.

Love is just absolute bullshit.

Burnt my tongue with oats this morning.

Can’t get that part of Supernatural season 4 out of my head. The part where Dean tells Sam about Hell.

And yet, it does not stop me from looking at cute guys.

The world is going to hell in a hand basket.

Monday, April 11, 2011

What I would do

This post broke my heart. Because I bet you, the very same people that had an issue with her age, are the same people who are quick to quote hadith and send you to hell (not that they have the power) for not following the sunnah. What about the sunnah about, tolerance and forgiveness and helloooo....the fact that the Prophet’s (SWA) first wife and love, was 20 years his senior. What about that huh? I feel like actually writing a letter to this woman and give her a piece of my mind. It would go something like this: Dear Aunty, I understand that you love your son, and you want what is best for him. But guess what? You don't know everything. And what about what him? What about what he wants? Does he not have the right to live his life? Does he not have the right to make decisions about his own life? Yes, you need to look after your flock, but he is a big boy, responsible for his own actions. I mean common...it’s not like she’s a drug addicted, alcoholic, whore. She will be an excellent wife and mother to your grandchildren because of who she is, not how old she is. Trust in the Almighty and in the fact that you brought your son up in the best possible way you could. And let him make his own decisions. Don’t stand in judgement of someone you don’t know. Once upon a time, you were in her position. Would you not have appreciated it, if someone treated you with kindness? If you really love him, like I know you do. You would do anything to see him happy. Allow him that. And if it doesn’t work out. Then you will be there, to help him through it. Because that is what a parent is there for. Not to dictate his life for him, but to love him regardless of circumstances. Sincerly, A concerned Muslim Sister I know, its too nice hey? But she is probably old, so I’ll play nice.