Monday, November 16, 2009


Have you watched the movie? I haven’t.

But I can’t get that word out of my head.

In most ways that’s how I think of people. We’re constantly changing, and yet we stay the same. I guess that is the genius of the way The Almighty has created life. It have this balance, this ying and yang. Where our lives are shaped by both the bad and the good.

But there are times when you can pin point the event that changed you.

I find it weird how the bad things that happen in our lives don’t only change who we are, but how they never leave us. It becomes apart of our identity. It’s unavoidable. You don’t want the bad to stay with you forever, but to a large extent it does. And there is just no running from it. Some people are so changed by the bad that they seem are different, broken almost.

It’s like I was talking to Romeo and I asked him if he had children. A question that he avoided until I asked it for the third time, then he answered that he did have a daughter who passed away. She was only 7 months old.

Now how do you run away from this moment? Because no matter how he answered this question, the answer would always tell me something more about his life, then he would want me to know. And what if you don’t want people to know? You lie and eventually the truth comes out and then they see even more that what you were willing for them to see in the first place.

And most of us have this bad thing that changed your life. That becomes part of you. It’s like introducing yourself to someone: Hi, I’m Jane and my brother died, or I’m Tasnim and my parents are divorced. This is not all of who we are but it is what shaped our reality. It’s not something you can run from. And it’s the people who never had a big bad change them who are oblivious to just how lucky they really are.