Friday, May 29, 2009

Because I love movies

Waseem said so...and I love movies, so I'm gonna do it...but this was very very difficult for me, so I have a general list...then I'm working on different types of lists, like best fighting scenes and so forth which will be coming soon...

This is in no particular order…well sort of...I think... its just really hard to choose.

  1. LOTR – All of them
  2. Spiderman 1 and 2
  3. Matrix – All of them
  4. How to loose a guy in ten days
  5. She’s the Man
  6. Rush Hour
  7. Pirates of the Caribbean – All of them
  8. Constantine
  9. Step up
  10. Amalie
  11. Jane Austin Book club
  12. Lady in the Water
  13. Bad Boys
  14. Money Talks
  15. Star Wars 2
  16. Star Dust
  17. The Wedding Date
  18. My Son the Fanatic
  19. Cosi
  20. House of Flying Daggers
  21. Troy
  22. Kingdom of heaven
  23. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  24. Apocolypto
  25. Memoirs of a Geisha
Oi...and I forgot 10 000 BC, Speed..25 is too little!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Should have’s

I should have listened to my mother. Always listen to your mother. When I didn’t get paid, I should have queried it then and there instead of leaving it. She told me to, but I didn’t listen; now this is my punishment. The stupid ass says that I was paid but my bank says no. With whole lotta O’s

I really hate this fucking capitalist society that we are forced to live in. Its like a constant David and Goliath struggle. You will always be fighting the MAN. And people will constantly be trying to screw you over.

My MA is about work. And all I really have come up with so far…is that no matter what you do, the capitalist cow's will always try and sell your soul, liver, kidney or whatever else they can get there hands on, and leave you with nothing. Somehow I don’t think it will go down too well with the Prof.

I do believe that sometimes we have to do what we don’t like, so we can afford to do what we like.

But it really sucks.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I wasn’t Tagged

But, I’ll do it anyway…Lessons I would give my Kids…umm lets see

1. Know that you live by the grace and will of the Almighty alone. Always be in remembrance of him

2. Always keep your failures close to you. So that you may always stay humbled by them.

3. Enjoy the fruits of your labour. If you win, enjoy it. But don’t live your life by it. But once its over, its over. Put away your trophy, or lock away your medal. No matter what colour it is. And carry on with your life as if you’ve never received it.

4. Do not ever underestimate your friends or enemies, and never turn your back on either of them.

5. Enjoy the Happy moments of your life with everything you have and always be thankful. And when sadness comes as it is sure to, be steady and patient.

6. Love people, but never make them your life. Love yourself, but never think your better than other people.

7. Nothing is what it seems - Know that Good and Evil always exists within people, while some might seem as if they are good, they have evil intentions, and others that do bad things, are actually good people. And it is not for you to judge but to be careful.

8. Always carry tissues and money with you

9. You won’t always get what you want, but you will get what’s best for you

10. Don’t follow trends… set them.

Monday, May 11, 2009


This is in response to MJ

Ø It was softer than I expected, yet harder than the other X-Men movies – I actually wish they made all the movies like this
Ø Um…sort of. I think he does the character well
Ø I like Ryan
Ø Don’t really have anything to say about the bone claw thing…but thought that the ‘evil’ guys abilities were freaking cool…cutting a bullet in half was my favorite part.
Ø I agree. But at least they always have cute guys that play him
Ø Gambit is the hond! I thought he was perfect! And they should have had him in all the other X-Men movies…instead of that pansy Bobby…though Bobby was cute!
Ø Will.I.Am – he made no impression on me
Ø LMFAO!!! So true
Ø I don’t know how else I would have given him amnesia, its sort of an easy way out, but it did flow with the story line.
Ø Didn’t sit through the credits…had to potty.
Ø Hell Yeah!
Ø Huh?
Ø Huh…again
Ø I didn’t even notice that
Ø What was missing?
Ø Don’t have a response to that so…When he is standing in the mirror looking at his new claws for the first time, it looked so fake…they need to retouch the movie before they release the DVD.
Ø Thanks MJ – I’m too lazy to think of my own observations.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's done

Well, I did it.

Instead of taking time to finish my thesis, I signed up on

And I have to say, that they have thought of everything. The way they structured the whole site is actually quite good…but any place that asks me what my weight is, does makes me a little sceptical. But I’ve done it none the less.

I was looking through the profiles, and I was shocked at how many “decent” men where looking for women to get married to. I’ve decided that I will be on there for one month. That’s it. But some how I have a feeling that I will get bored, sooner than that.

Looking through the site it made me realise a couple of things. When I was looking at the profiles, I was just looking at the cute guys. Which was extremely superficial of me. And, guys were probably doing the same thing to my picture. And there in lies the biggest problem with this site. In life nothing is what it seems. When I get to know someone, I don’t even see the outside. If you asked me, if someone that I admire or respect is cute or not I wouldn’t be able to tell you. Cute guys are nice to look at, but a man that can stimulate your mind and make you laugh at the same time?? Priceless and rare…or dead.

I also noticed that there is much more females than males and this got me thinking...if I was a guy how would I go about doing this? So if there is a guy that is reading this post, here’s my question…what’s it like being a guy? Is it like being a kid in a candy store? And I really would like to know.

So for now, I will talk to anyone, picture or no picture, from whatever country. And see what happens. One month…that’s all.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I am exhausted.

The amount of work that goes into an election is astounding. Its simple work, but I have to say I have never worked so hard in my life! I’m so glad its over but now I need to find another job ;(.

For the next two weeks at least I wont know the joy of rest, because of all the preparations going on at my neighbours house. Weddings are a joyous occasion, filled with hope, sparkles and fuck you’s flying all over the place*.

So I’m at the wedding house taking a machine out of the car and, lets call him Isa, is standing there watching me, so I finally get the courage to speak to him.

“Please help me” I say.
To which he answers “No” but still walks over to me to help
so I say “Just help me now!” in a joking way of course

then I say…and this is the cringe-worthy part…”you can’t fail me now” I realised what kak was coming out of my mouth, he said “what?” I said “never mind”, got the rest of the goods out of the car as soon as I could all the while not making conversation or eye contact and with him. It was at that moment that I realised...I am a freak and should not be let out of the house!!

Okay, to give some background, Isa is a teacher, he actually taught me in high school for like a millisecond and what I meant to say and the context was…just do what I say and you can’t fail me or anything like that because your not my teacher anymore. Some things should be left if my head at all times.

I kinda have a crush on him. And he makes me very shy…I feel like he is undressing me with his eyes. Why do guys do that? But don’t have the balls to come and actually have a normal conversation with you? Anyway…there was this one thing I noticed when I was handing him the machine he was like, taking it but like touching my hand…why the hell did he have to do that??? Now I can’t stop thinking about him.

Truth be told…I know it’s not real…and its stupid…but it’s funny.

*The women swear each other in jest while they working…its very funny.