Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 - The year that should never have been

I can't believe this year is already almost over. And for a year that according to the Mayans should not have been! It has been quit interesting. Well they never actually said it was going to end just that there was going to be great change.

For me, while some things have changed others stay exactly the same. But that's life innit? 

So what have I learned this year? 

Most recently I learned that I like blogging more than twitter. Helloooo blogger app *salute* (first time I used blogger on my Ipad, and while uploading it is so easy typing it up is not).

Love, while it does not solve, save or change things, it does make everything better. 

I take for granted that people think critically. Because I do, I think critical thinking is only natural. That is not the case. Most people take things at face value and really don't care about the rest. Therefore me commenting on statuses etc, is futile. I will not be doing that again. 

I learned that the problem is not the world, its me. I recently met many different types of people, and things like : being "fat" "lonely" "unable to meet the right person" is not an age thing, or circumstance, it's a me thing. I need to change if I want to change any of those things. Because if I don't I will find myself in a different sphere of life, still singing the same unhappy tune. 

The past should stay in the past. 

Life, especially today, is not about choosing between good and evil, but the lesser of two evils. Sad but true. 

There is a big difference between growing up without your parent and growing up with a parent that disappoints you.
People are not open about the need for therapy. They try and hide it, as if it's shameful. It is not! 

I have been wrestling with the idea that maybe I just took my parents divorce too hard, and other people don't. Then I realized, no that is not it, I'm just more vocal about it. 

I feel too much. Maybe it's my pieces nature, but my feelings were on 100% when it shouldn't have been. I have other senses and I should use those too. 

I realised that while my upbringing was to be logical, my nature is a romantic one. I love, love and romance and I have to get my fix somewhere so if it's not in real life (which it hasn't) I get it from fiction. (My new years resolution is to stop buying cheap smutty romance novels or downloading them for free).

There are somethings I will never be able to change and that is OK. 

There is more to Islam than Rights (of men and women). There is an unseen force that allows one to be connected to a higher power. This is a highly spiritual event and something many people forget when they speak about Islam! They forget that it is much more than rules and regulations and what you owe your husband or wife or children. Islam is about the calling to your heart. What inspires and feeds your soul. Because a soul that is full and whole doesn't need rules and regulation, they will automatically do the right thing.  I choose to focus on the calling to my heart and soul. I choose to focus on what I have rather than what I don't. 

It has dawned on me, that some things that I was convinced was meant to be, actually isn't and never will, be. 

All is as it should be so why worry about what's going to be right? 

I hope who ever reads this has a wonderful holiday season. Be safe. Be happy. 2014 - Bring it!