Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Answer me

I don't really do this. But these questions are different. So...consider yourself tagged if you read this.

Do you like feet?

Only clean ones.

Have you ever bitten anybody?

When I was younger yes

Have you ever had a crush on your teacher?

Not really, I thought Mr Schoeman was cute that’s all.

Do you ever go to parties?


Do you have more than 20 friends?

I think so...wait lemme maybe

Do you like mustard?

Only the one and Jimmy’s Killer Fish and chips, other than that not really.

Do you eat dog treats?

No *vomit*

Have you ever eaten an insect?

By mistake yes, once a fly flew into my mouth. It was just bad timing.

Do you like to jump rope?

When I was younger yes. We use to play England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales.

Do you ever shoot fireworks into the water?


Do you ever swim in lakes?

No. Lakes freak me out. Ever since I went to the vaal dam and had the feeling of mud between my toes *yuck*

Do you like to eat raw meat?

Does tuna count. I like tuna.

Have you ever hugged your cat or dog?

When I was younger yes. Now...I don’t have either.

Do you have a fish?


Can you do a hand stand?

Nope. Not even in the pool #yeahiknow

Thursday, October 6, 2011

What’s with the....

New changes on fb...yuck....actually making me think again about having a facebook page. And I never ever thought of deleting it until now.

Speaking of facebook....with all the changes I wonder if those long name groups like “he doesn’t know what he has until its gone, which is you, cause you a princess and he will never ever get anyone like you ever again” will finally go away

Speaking of which...seriously? You joined a group like that just after you went “from a relationship” to “single”? Why not just put it on your status, that your boyfriend is a royal ass! Leading you on for four years (there is that 4 again!!!) and then changing his mind about marrying you.

Speaking of you think we are stupid? Opening your profile so that said ex, which is now no longer your facebook friend, can see all the men that are drooling over you? He did the same, which is making me wonder, why the hell you two don’t just get back’s probably because of all the younger prettier ass that is scattered all over his wall...I get why you guys broke up now.

Speaking of which....if people cared as much about their neighbours, friends, family, ozone layer, world peace and such as they do about the breaking up of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, the world would be a much better place.

Speaking of which...I am the only one in the world that thinks the world is just a shit place to live in right now?? Anyone with happy stories please email me...I need a lift.

Speaking of which...I don’t get how grown ass men can stand on the side of the road hiking and when I drive by they get disappointed at me not giving them a lift...I’m like what world do you live in, where you even think it’s okay to ask a single woman to give a lift?? Effen psycho’s

Speaking of which, I’m not a psycho for stalking...if you don’t want anyone looking at your page...then don’t open it!!!

Speaking of which....what’s with all these applications of “found out who is looking at your profile” if you have friends on your facebook that you don’t want looking at your page, then here’s an idea...DELETE them!! Why do you have them on your page anyway...just so that everyone knows, I look at all my friends pages...if you don’t want me looking at your stuff then DELETE me!

Speaking of which...I’m too nice sometimes. I keep assholes on my page, because I can’t handle them knowing I deleted them. But I know I should...nothing good comes from having assholes on your page.

Speaking of which...if one more stranger starts a conversation with me, joking about going on holiday or wanting to give me a massage, I’m going to copy the conversation and post it here. What the hell is wrong with you? You can’t go out and try and pick up girls like a normal asshole? Why you gotta start a conversation with all the sex you not having? I don’t care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of which...I’m absolutely shocked at the fact, that if you not having sex, your made to be some kind of weirdo, and if you are then your normal (Out of wedlock or not). What is with this crazy world that we live in? It is anybody’s business? People need to get a hobby like trying to cure diseases instead of spreading them.

Speaking of which.... I said this before, I will say it again. Sex and the City is FICTION, movie, tv show, not real life. *rolling eyes*

Speaking of which....why do people say *bbm hands over eyes* or something like that. If you say *hands over eyes*, people will understand no? Why say bbm? I think that’s really really stupid.

Speaking of which...I take great comfort in people ability to be stupid. If they weren’t they would have figured out stuff, which I wouldn’t want them to know. Lol.

Speaking of which...I use lol too much. Really I’m trying to point out the fact that I’m joking and not that I’m laughing. OMG is a close second. I actually said it out loud oh emm gee...once...or twice...or five times.

*phew* finally the no 4 has stopped taunting me.