Monday, May 31, 2010

Men and Women

Of all the stuff, I have read....this piece of writing captures the essence and differences of men and women in a way that I could never even dream.

This story will haunt my thoughts on the subject of men and women for all eternity.

LL, you’re wisdom is much appreciated.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thee Alice?

The 3D craze has hit movie goers hard.

In South Africa, there are two types of movie theaters, the ones for the poor people and the ones for the rich. I go to the former, because I am not going to pay so much money to watch the same movie, with softer seats.

Unless…its 3D.

So 3 3D movies later…and here is what I’ve come up with:.

The cat in Alice and Wonderland stole the show for me…this is the only part of this 3D experience which was awesome, everything else was kind of sub-standard for my liking. But I loved the story line, the visual richness and details and the fighting scene with Alice is strong, which I really appreciated. When I walked out of the theater I felt like I wasted my money on the 3D section just because I think I could have had just as much fun watching the normal one. This review describes it the best.

I LOVE Johnny Depp, but for me Martin Short, did a much better mad hatter.

The trailer of Clash of the Titans has definitely been put on my list! The way they used sound to sync movement has given the trailer a very unique element. This is done in other movies I know, but the way it is done in this one is what stands out for me. I was pleasantly surprised when I watched the movie and found that they carried that element throughout as well. The sound/music/whatever that accompanies the Cracken strikes fear in the heart of me. I’m sure Captain Jack would not have been able to survive that! The 3D effect was nice, and there was more depth to it than expected, but I think they should have rather spent that money on making Medusa scarier. She looked too animated for my liking. The Jinn were freaky, and according to reports don’t really look that so that irritated me a little. When I walked out, I felt like I didn’t waste my money, and that I really enjoyed the movie, so all in all *two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me!

Avatar is still the best. I understand all the technical reasons behind why this is possible. But I still feel that if you’re going to try and do 3D then Avatar has set a very high standard to live up to.

So movie makers need to really ask themselves…is the 3D going to hinder the movie more than help it? In Alice’s case I think it just complicated matters because it’s so rich already as for Clash, it gave it an extra boost but nothing out of this world. Had they done it properly it would have been able to contend with Avatar, but alas Cameron is still King of 3D.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010