Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting back up again

Falling off the "Diet" Wagon is the worst thing that can happen!

Its worse than starting. I fell off the wagon and just laid there while it dragged me along. Starting a new job, having to travel early in the morning...'those were just the first steps' in leading me astray.

So here is what I learned.

1. Once you have decided to do something, the world is going to conspire against you (yes I disagree with Paulo completely). Because as long as you feel bad about yourself, weak and like a failure the dark side wins.

2.  Things don't just happen. There is an introduction of sorts. Mine was turing my "healthy lifestyle" into a "Diet". What was a slow steady marathon turned into a race that I lost, when my purpose changed.

3. This is about me being healthy. And feeling healthy. NOT looking like a matchstick. I hope I remember that!

4. This is a slow steady marathon. Its going to take a year. So I need to just calm down!

5. Doesn't matter what you eat. Its not going to make the feelings go away.

6. Doesn't matter if you 'slip' a 'slip' is not a fall. Don't turn it into one.

7. It is really this simple: (they should have added takes time)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dreams, Shadows and Me

Its annoying really.

Feeling something, knowing something but not really understanding if what you know or feel is real.

Is it a dream? A shadow? An evil plot to make you weak? Make you break. Make you want and stay in wanting and waiting and pining.

Whatever evil created it, then damn them. Damn them to hell and back. Because this feeling is not something I would wish on anyone.

I just wish I knew. Is it me? Or something else. If I knew I would wait in silence. But not knowing makes me stir crazy. Is it a dream? A shadow or just me?

Then I move, any way I can just so that I don't stand still. But as I move, I move further and further away from you. And I panic...what if it was right? What if....

Then I turn back and I miss you all over again.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

But is it Art?

I think so.

Here is a collection of my work.

The lovers -
Love is often a tangled web. One that only the lovers can understand. This was influenced by a real conflict of emotions that both started and ended in love.


Behind the Rainbow - 
Inspired by the complete lack of joy we have in this world. The lines and colours represent what we see in nature is exactly what we see in our minds. 

This was by far the most difficult piece for me to do. It symbolises the real plight that normal people face. Everyday. The process of creating this was both cathartic and quit disturbing.

The eye of "Sauron"
Inspired by the minimalist approach with a contemporary spin. The eye of "Sauron" s ever watchful. This was really fun to make.

I went to a really dark place to create this. I had to dig deep. A deep place that exists in all of us.

I wasn't sure if such negative emotion should be allowed to be brought out, but once it was I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Originals sell for $2000 - $10 000 each. Download is free. Please contact me for more information.