Friday, October 17, 2008

To Kiss or not to Kiss….

I am not a prude.

I hug and kiss my friends. But most of them are girls. The only guy friend I kiss is white.

FYI – I’m not talking about the French kind.

I was shocked…when my boss kissed one of my colleges on the lips for her birthday.

I’m his PA. He has never even said Happy Birthday to me! Just, ‘so its someone’s birthday today hey?’ I was like ‘really?’ I freaked out, I couldn’t look at him (not that he noticed). But then I remembered that he greeted all the other women like that…besides me.

I come from a family who don’t kiss. So when I’m required to kiss older aunties from my cousins family, I can pull it off. But then I get to the older men and then I don’t know what to do…do I kiss or don’t I? The guys my age are defiantly a no-no right? Unless its Eid, and I’m at my coloured/malay side of the family. But if they are Indian, it’s a defiant no. Then again it depends on what type of Indian boy it is. Because some of them hug but don’t kiss. White boys are easier, if you hug them they just take it. Jewish guys, kiss everyone, its their culture, but they go straight for cheek. So when my Jewish friends kiss me, I’m cool cause I know where it is going.

But my ever end is when both parties go right, then left, then right again, until one of them grabs the other and just hugs! And most of the time, I’m the other person who doesn’t know what’s going on in this dance of stupidity.

As a Muslim Half Indian female, I have always been aware of my personal space. So there is very few people I let in there.

That’s why I high-five everyone. It’s stupid. I know it and the other person knows it. Then they laugh, instead of wondering why I don’t know how to hug or kiss them. But seriously my boss just freaked me out!

When did he exchange reason for madness?



The Organ Harvester said...

Kiss. share the love.

Azra said...

So is THAT the reason you high-five? To hide the coldness?
Makes sense...

I hate kissing strange men out of obligation...its disgusting and I've come to a point where I never lean they know before hand to stay away...I like kissing my girlfriends and sisters on their foreheads and cheeks though :D

Trinity said...

Azra - your comments do NOT count on this subject.

OH - LoL

TheCullinaryQueen said...

I hug and kiss my g-friends too... Before I was engaged, I used to hug my guy friends... I'm affectionate like that---think it comes from my Malay genes :-)
I still kiss my Mum goodbye in the morning when I leave for work and when I come back.

Trinity said...

TCQ - Thats soooo sweet!!

bb_aisha said...

I rarely initiate hugs (& never kisses) with people. I do hug my friends & family-but usually they initiate it. But with close friends, I will hug first. I'll extend my cheek for a kiss, but won't do the kissing.

Guys I go out of my way to avoid:-)

If my boss had to kiss me on the lips I'd freak out!

Trinity said...

BB - Well turns out that the girl must have misunderstood cause according to one of my colleugues who knows him for a long time. He would not do that.

Tazeen said...

Ah the dilemma ...

KiLLa said...

I kiss my nieces and some cousins.. But never when they exceed the age of 2.. And my 2 aunts always lay one on me on Eid day..

But as for strangers in the workplace, i would abstain.

Birdy said...

that coming from an organ harvester is somehow very contradictory, and the same time NOT