Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dreams, Shadows and Me

Its annoying really.

Feeling something, knowing something but not really understanding if what you know or feel is real.

Is it a dream? A shadow? An evil plot to make you weak? Make you break. Make you want and stay in wanting and waiting and pining.

Whatever evil created it, then damn them. Damn them to hell and back. Because this feeling is not something I would wish on anyone.

I just wish I knew. Is it me? Or something else. If I knew I would wait in silence. But not knowing makes me stir crazy. Is it a dream? A shadow or just me?

Then I move, any way I can just so that I don't stand still. But as I move, I move further and further away from you. And I panic...what if it was right? What if....

Then I turn back and I miss you all over again.



The Blue Grumpster said...

It's a feeling I could do without, really. Unfortunately, I tend to miss people a lot. I suppose it suits my color.

Lady T said...

I like your colour. Makes me think of the Mediterranean sea's.