Thursday, February 7, 2013

But is it Art?

I think so.

Here is a collection of my work.

The lovers -
Love is often a tangled web. One that only the lovers can understand. This was influenced by a real conflict of emotions that both started and ended in love.


Behind the Rainbow - 
Inspired by the complete lack of joy we have in this world. The lines and colours represent what we see in nature is exactly what we see in our minds. 

This was by far the most difficult piece for me to do. It symbolises the real plight that normal people face. Everyday. The process of creating this was both cathartic and quit disturbing.

The eye of "Sauron"
Inspired by the minimalist approach with a contemporary spin. The eye of "Sauron" s ever watchful. This was really fun to make.

I went to a really dark place to create this. I had to dig deep. A deep place that exists in all of us.

I wasn't sure if such negative emotion should be allowed to be brought out, but once it was I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Originals sell for $2000 - $10 000 each. Download is free. Please contact me for more information.

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Lady T said...

P.S I'm being sarcastic. I do not think a block of colour done by a so called "famous" artist is art. 'Brown people don't wanna see that shit'