Friday, January 4, 2013

My dear friend

You bathe in your piety in front of me as if you were bathing in the fountain of youth. As if you now have holy blood in your veins. You’ve forgotten that you once walked in the darkness. I am glad for your enlightenment, really I am. But understand this, my dear friend; your enlightenment is not a seat of glory. It is not a medal of honour or a knighthood that you can boast about.

Your enlightenment came at a price. Do you not remember that? That you once dwelled in darkness, blind and unchanged. But now that you have found His love you dare to forget? Forget all the things that you have done? And all the things you are able to still do!

You will not find salvation is the war against other people’s sins. Salvation is only found in The One. The peace you find, when you see The One in everything He has created.

Guard your enlightenment my friend, because it is a fickle thing. One wrong step and the light will leave you and you will have no one else to blame but yourself.

It is easy to see the wrong doing of people. All their sins sing out to you like a beautiful siren, tempting your mind to forgo the light and enter the comfort of the darkness once more. I know that is why you rage against the sinners. You scream and claw at their faces in an effort to protect yourself. But what you don’t realise, is that before you know it, your hands will be covered with the blood of all the people you have condemned and corrupted, with your disdain for weakness.

Everyone knows that you are the weakest of us all. As you read this you are remembering all the things that you have done. And the darkness where you have dwelt. But let me tell you something dear friend, you have not seen true darkness.

When you have stared into it, and watched how it moved, and changed and grew. How it formed its red eyes, which pierces your soul. When it smiled at you with an evil knowing and bared its razor sharp fangs. When you watched as it came towards you salivating. And the only thing holding you is a bone crushing fear. When you have seen such darkness and are able to come back into the light. That is the day that you can begin to comprehend the true struggle of others.

Come out of the fountain my friend, cover yourself, wash your hands and be thankful. Be kind and understanding. And remember that the price that you paid for your enlightenment is something that will never leave you. And no matter how many people you try and save, the only one that you can save is yourself. Be grateful for your enlightenment, and take care of it. Be in service of people, with love and compassion. And one day, maybe, we will meet again. If He wills it.      


Azra said...

Beautiful, sista :) (and I'm not being sarcastic)

Lady T said...

Thank You :)