Monday, January 14, 2013


I am just annoyed.

I'm annoyed at life and myself.

I have 10 things I need to do, 100 things I want to do and about 1000 idea's swimming in my brain and absolutely no output whatsoever.

I hate this weather. It's hot coolness makes me want to be outside. It also reminds me of something I long forgot, or maybe a dream I had, I'm not sure.

The feeling is uneasy, anticipating and nostalgic.

I want to go home and climb into my bed.


Grumpy me said...

I hate this weather, too. It's cold and I feel nostalgically grumpy, not to mention grumpily nostalgic, and I don't care if that's an odd combination of words. I'm freezing, so cut me some slack, linguistic purists. Wait, I'm a linguist... I totally forgot.

But.... here's the good news: I've booked a trip to Spain, as in three (yes, three) four-star hotels. I'd say that's something to look forward to. Maybe you should try an do the same. It's the only way to get fully degrumped. That and a million bucks. Better make that two. ;)

Lady T said...

Dummy's guide to being degrumped. Plan a holiday to a sunny place. Thank you for the advice, I think that is just what I am going to do :)

Even though I can't make actual plans because of money and leave. I could really use that two million bucks right now. Or even one.

The Blue Grumpster said...

I read it in a book called Degrumpification for Dummies. Now all I need to do is find the money to pay for those four-star hotels. Well, at least I've got a reason to live now...