Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kicked in the Face

I got kicked in the face once. I kid you not. No real damage, just a split lip and even that wasn’t so bad. But I wanted to cry. Because I got kicked in the face. You would cry too if it happened to you.

But it only happened once. I learned my lesson from that day onwards. Always keep your hands up to protect yourself. Always. No matter what. No matter how weak you think your opponent is. Always keep your hands up. And when I taught my kids in karate, I would tell them the very same thing. “Keep your hands up! Do you wanna get kicked in the face?”

Falling in love (with someone who doesn't love you back) is like being kicked in the face. From day one, you are taught to keep your hands up, but because of sheer laziness you don’t. In your gut you know it’s coming, you know how to block, how to protect yourself. And then you realise that your negligence, your need for that adrenaline, leads to a very distinctive whacking sound then seeing stars that leaves you spitting out blood.

I got kicked in face once. Left me spitting out blood. It wasn’t that bad. Left me with a split lip and seeing stars for a while. I should have kept my arms up. But really who lives like that? You can’t keep your hands up forever.
Eventually you will lose your concentration, you’ll put your hands down and then *Bam* *stars* *spitting blood*


Azra said...

Nice one yeah :)

bb_aisha said...

Nice one indeed.

& then there are times you are done protecting yourself. you don't care if you get kicked in the face or not.

Trinity said...

Girls like being kicked in the face more than boys lol

Gorilla Bananas said...

Boys are more worried about getting kicked in the balls. An emotionally disturbed circus clown once tried to kick me in the balls. I was merciful and only held him upside down by his ankles for two minutes.

Trinity said...

I don't know GB, I think the pain of the being kicked in the balls is not as bad as the embarrassment of being scratched in the face. Those scars take years to go away, and even then you will always live with the thought 'that bitch scratched me in my face'

It’s the not the pain, its more that embarrassment. Because someone can only kick you in the face, if you allow them to. It’s your failure that’s the worse to come to terms with.