Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Do you know this man?

Does he look familiar to you? I’m sure you’ve seen him before. I’m sure you have an idea of who he is.But I don’t think you know who he really is. Some people call him the grim reaper. Others, the angle of death.

I don’t. I call him The Collector. The Collector waits for us you see. Everytime we hurt someone, every bad action or even intention we have, he waits for it. And then he follows us.

Waiting in the shaddows, until what we have in life is an equal price to pay for what we have done. And then he takes it from us.

You see in life, everything we do has a price. Some people understand this as “you reap what you sow” or “karma”. I don’t. I see it as the The Collector coming for you. Taking that which you love and value away from you. In order to pay for that which you have stolen, taken, or lied about.

Consider this a fair warning, that nothing you do in this life will help you escape him. He is not God, he is not a being of any form or shape. He lies within you. The perfect knowledge or will of God. Don’t believe me?

Then you will need a room, light and a mirror. Place the light at one end of a room and the mirror at the other. Now stand infront of the mirror. What do you see?

'You cannot hide’ *evil Souron voice* from yourslef.

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