Monday, April 11, 2011

What I would do

This post broke my heart. Because I bet you, the very same people that had an issue with her age, are the same people who are quick to quote hadith and send you to hell (not that they have the power) for not following the sunnah. What about the sunnah about, tolerance and forgiveness and helloooo....the fact that the Prophet’s (SWA) first wife and love, was 20 years his senior. What about that huh? I feel like actually writing a letter to this woman and give her a piece of my mind. It would go something like this: Dear Aunty, I understand that you love your son, and you want what is best for him. But guess what? You don't know everything. And what about what him? What about what he wants? Does he not have the right to live his life? Does he not have the right to make decisions about his own life? Yes, you need to look after your flock, but he is a big boy, responsible for his own actions. I mean’s not like she’s a drug addicted, alcoholic, whore. She will be an excellent wife and mother to your grandchildren because of who she is, not how old she is. Trust in the Almighty and in the fact that you brought your son up in the best possible way you could. And let him make his own decisions. Don’t stand in judgement of someone you don’t know. Once upon a time, you were in her position. Would you not have appreciated it, if someone treated you with kindness? If you really love him, like I know you do. You would do anything to see him happy. Allow him that. And if it doesn’t work out. Then you will be there, to help him through it. Because that is what a parent is there for. Not to dictate his life for him, but to love him regardless of circumstances. Sincerly, A concerned Muslim Sister I know, its too nice hey? But she is probably old, so I’ll play nice.


bb_aisha said...

This made me smile. Thanks Trinity.

Trinity said...

Pleasure bb aisha, If you give me her address I'll send it to her :)

bb_aisha said...

I'll pass on that offer, thanks :-)
Btw I've password protected my blog, please send me your email addy so I can add you