Friday, February 26, 2010

Top Movie Trailer list

I love going early to the movies to watch the trailers. Some trailers are even better than the movie. So I've put a list together of 15 of my favourite movie trailers. I tried 10, but I like extra 5 too much not to note it.

I judge a movie trailer on the ability to tell a story, the flow and its ability to make me want to watch the movie. Sorry if the quality is bit crap...did not have enough bandwidth to go searching for nice ones.

Number 15
Take the lead
I love this because it always makes me want to dance, in a way that other dancing movies have not. It has good story and flow.

Number 14
It has flow, imagination and excitement in the story

Number 13
Memiors of a Geisha
The flow and story is very good.

Number 12
The excitement and beauty of this trailer, always makes me want to watch the movie. Even though the movie was good, but not as good as the trailer.

Number 11
Fame 2009
Some people didn’t like the movie, but I did. Not your conventional dance movie, this trailer shows emotion in a good flow.

Number 10
The movie is a legend, and so is the trailer. It gives me goose bumps even though some of the fighting stunts look fake!

Number 9
17 again
Every time I watch this I laugh. It has the story, the flow and humour.

The next couple of trailers, I think I’ve watched the movie at least 20 times. But every time I watch the trailers I get excited and want to watch the movie again.

Number 8
This has action, story, flow and goose bumps.

Number 7
The look of this always makes me want to move to the Mediterranean coast. I just love it.

Number 6
Kingdom of heaven
This always makes me want to learn more about Jerusalm and its history. Its Beautiful.

Number 5
Peter Pan
This brings back my childish need for adventure. The song made this trailer, but the humour gave it substance.

Number 4
Pirates of the Caribbean
This gives me adult adventure vibes. The flow and story is amazing.

Number 3
The Mummy 3
For me the movie did not make a huge impact. It was nice, but as far as I’m concerned, The Mummy ended at 2. The reason this is at number 3, is because I think the creators did an excellent job, of giving the viewers the story, flow, adventure and excitement of the first two. At the same time hiding all the changes, including the new actress that played Eve and the annoying older son. Lesson number one for sequels. ALWAYS keep the original cast. Even if they die. Bring them back…just like Jack!

Number 2
Chronicles of Narnia 2
I love Prince Caspian. He is so cute. Besides that, it captures the action, adventure, drama and makes me want to watch it again and again.

This might not surprise some, but for others….

Number 1
Spiderman 2
In the trailer, it shows that the story is taken to a whole new level. Action, adventure, story, flow, excitement. This has it all!

This does not feature in my list but I just like looking at it...why? Because I liked the books, and the trailer is closer to the book, than the movie, and the movie is quite close. It has great flow as well.

New Moon

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