Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things that guys should not wear

I'm into the whole, guys being metrosexual.
Or just looking after themselves as they put it.

I'm down with manicured hands, facial creams and even sparkling white tekkies.


Ed Hardy
Pink Shirts
Skinny Jeans
Big Belts
Pointy shoes
Styled hair

Should not be all done together! I can handle it if a guy wears one of the above...but when they wear all of it?

They look horrible!


UJ said...

I feel you on the Ed Hardy .. i've done a couple of those simultaneously though; skinny jeans really go well with pointy shoes .. and if it's casual friday at work .. you've probably got styled hair as well

Waseem said...

I don't really know what Ed hardy is, I think it is a designer or something.

I hate pink shirts so much. I have sworn never to wear one.

Trinity said...

Ed Hardy is those sequined sculls on t-shirts and caps. I think it looks cool on girls.
I have an idea! UJ should send me a pic of him in tight jeans and pointy shoes, I’ll post it and we can have a poll if he looks hot or not!
Maybe he should do it on his blog, because I don’t think I get as much traffic.
So UJ, what do you say? Up for the challenge?