Monday, May 11, 2009


This is in response to MJ

Ø It was softer than I expected, yet harder than the other X-Men movies – I actually wish they made all the movies like this
Ø Um…sort of. I think he does the character well
Ø I like Ryan
Ø Don’t really have anything to say about the bone claw thing…but thought that the ‘evil’ guys abilities were freaking cool…cutting a bullet in half was my favorite part.
Ø I agree. But at least they always have cute guys that play him
Ø Gambit is the hond! I thought he was perfect! And they should have had him in all the other X-Men movies…instead of that pansy Bobby…though Bobby was cute!
Ø Will.I.Am – he made no impression on me
Ø LMFAO!!! So true
Ø I don’t know how else I would have given him amnesia, its sort of an easy way out, but it did flow with the story line.
Ø Didn’t sit through the credits…had to potty.
Ø Hell Yeah!
Ø Huh?
Ø Huh…again
Ø I didn’t even notice that
Ø What was missing?
Ø Don’t have a response to that so…When he is standing in the mirror looking at his new claws for the first time, it looked so fake…they need to retouch the movie before they release the DVD.
Ø Thanks MJ – I’m too lazy to think of my own observations.


Waseem said...

You need gore for realism.
I hate ryan reynolds, esp after definitely maybe, but he had no scope in this movie for his irritatingness
How can you be gambit fan and say he was perfect, you being swayed by his looks. He didnt have the charm nor the frenchish accent. That part he came back and broke the concrete, the real gambit woulda said 'Miss me no?'
Special effects was bit dodgy in parts, Star trek's special effects is so much awesomer.

Star trek is 10 times better than wolverine

Trinity said...

Waseem, your right, but I’m not swayed by his looks, he really is cute but I tend to be blinded by the fighting scenes and I think the way they did his, was very cool!!

You making me upset now I completely forgot that he use to say that ;( They should have put that part in!

I’m looking forward to Star Trek, I think the remake is long overdue

M Junaid said...

im honoured :D

concerning stan lee - heres some link love -

i'l do a blog on star trek

M Junaid said...

star trek is not ten time better