Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's done

Well, I did it.

Instead of taking time to finish my thesis, I signed up on

And I have to say, that they have thought of everything. The way they structured the whole site is actually quite good…but any place that asks me what my weight is, does makes me a little sceptical. But I’ve done it none the less.

I was looking through the profiles, and I was shocked at how many “decent” men where looking for women to get married to. I’ve decided that I will be on there for one month. That’s it. But some how I have a feeling that I will get bored, sooner than that.

Looking through the site it made me realise a couple of things. When I was looking at the profiles, I was just looking at the cute guys. Which was extremely superficial of me. And, guys were probably doing the same thing to my picture. And there in lies the biggest problem with this site. In life nothing is what it seems. When I get to know someone, I don’t even see the outside. If you asked me, if someone that I admire or respect is cute or not I wouldn’t be able to tell you. Cute guys are nice to look at, but a man that can stimulate your mind and make you laugh at the same time?? Priceless and rare…or dead.

I also noticed that there is much more females than males and this got me thinking...if I was a guy how would I go about doing this? So if there is a guy that is reading this post, here’s my question…what’s it like being a guy? Is it like being a kid in a candy store? And I really would like to know.

So for now, I will talk to anyone, picture or no picture, from whatever country. And see what happens. One month…that’s all.


Waseem said...

I don't know if I would be the right person to answer your question, due to the fact I don't think I'm the average guy who sees women as objects. So I have to say no to the candy store thing.

I think it boils down to what you mentioned in your post. The connection. Looks matter to a degree, cos there needs to be some sort of physical attraction but what would make a relationship last(And I am not even remotely an expert here), would be your relatability. Do you 'get' each other?

So maybe there are more women than men but on ratio of the ones that get each other I don't think it is that high.

Azra said...

""a man that can stimulate your mind and make you laugh at the same time?? Priceless and rare…or dead."""

Hehehe...thats funny.

I think people should be allowed 1 look of the person (pic) they're communicating with. And that 1 look should be realistic, no morphed faces of Aishwarya Rai or studio-air-brushed-image-enhanced-pics lol.

Then after that 1 look, they should get to know the person and then decide if it's worth pursuing.

M Junaid said...

I'm one of those guys that waseem is talking about. The shallow type. And as you might remember from my comment on your last blog concerning online marriage sites i do not browse them at all.

M Junaid said...

I am not sure if the kid in the candy store analogy would work here. Well not for me at least

AD said...

i was there for 5 hours lol

Trinity said...

I get what your saying Waseem, and I have to wonder if it's the time we are living in where people have become more shallow and selfish with themselves, or do we want too much? But Flow is Flow...and you don't get that with everyone.

Thanks for the Advice Azra.

Well MJ, considering that so many people love you, you wouldn’t have to…ha ha ha *Sarcastic Joke. But I do sometimes forget that boys and girls are just people at the end of the day. I sometimes struggle to believe that guys are actually human ;)

LoL @ AD

I'm actually reminded of something my guy cousin told me, when I said it's difficult to have a relationship when you don't see the person because they don't show you who they really are, they just show you the good sides, and when you finally together you realise that it was all a lie...he said that, that is exactly what happens in any relationship, even if you see the person on a daily basis, they don’t show you exactly who they are. Then you get to know them, and realise that they are not who they portrayed themselves to be in the first place.

So far I’ve actually only spoke to one guy, when he asked me if I have msn or yahoo chat I said no, then he said bye = freak.

Nooj said...

i know whose sister u are :P
well there aren't many families left with great neighbours in jozi
the t/d word!!! we are sisters in pain trinity
i have actually seen married guys go onto these sites for summin on the side.
but from an antrhopological point of view, go wild. it should make for some hilarious reading :D

Trinity said...

Nooj...shhhhh don't tell anyone...if my identity is ever known, it could be dangerous for all of us!

Yup, we all on the same river, just in different boats;)