Friday, September 7, 2012


Every so often a movie is made that makes you say...yes. Yes that is the one. The one we have been waiting for.

Joss Whedon, is a ‘one-liner’ genius. He did a brilliant job with the conversation part of the movie. And the...I don’t know what they call it...comedic timing? Whatever it’s called, it gets *Big High Five* from me.

The action and fight sequence also lived up to my expectations *Big High Five* there.

The only thing I didn’t get is the way Hulk couldn't control himself, then he suddenly could? I didn’t get it. For me it was a bit of a leap. But okay I can let that go.

Out of all of the Avengers own movies, I have to say I enjoyed Iron Man the most. It is strong enough to stand on its own; I don’t think the other movies have that ability.

I am totally in love with Thor but when I think about it, for a story that is based on actual Myth that in some parts of the world is believed to be an actual story, it seems flat. I find that when a story line is based on myth or legend, they have much more to work with so the story can be intricate and detailed. But most of the time, the movie makers want to leave time open for all the flashy action and fighting and CG stuff, that they cut out most of the story line, which is the back bone of a movie.

I didn’t watch Capitan America until after Avengers. CA was a bit disappointing; it was so slow with no big bang at the end.

And Hawkeye didn’t get a movie? What’s that about? But rather let them not make a movie, then make one that flops.

Can’t wait for the second one!

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