Friday, February 17, 2012

My Argument for Socialism

I miss my house. I use to live in house with a nice garden. In the mornings I would take the old bread and rice and throw in the garden for the birds to eat.

One day I realised that by the afternoon all the rice/bread was finished. The birds were actually eating the food in one day.

So the next day I threw the pieces of old bread and watched from my kitchen window as the birds ate it. The smaller birds (they look like robins) came first pecking away at the big pieces of bread, tearing at the bread to break it up. Then bigger birds (they looked like crows) came and scared away the smaller birds and started eating the bread.

Not two minutes later, even bigger birds (pigeons) came along and scared them away and started eating the bread.

The Robins in the mean time found smaller crumbs and were pecking at them, the Crows did the same, but the Pigeons were having fun with the big slice of bread that was halfway torn apart by the other birds. They ate until they had their fill then flew away, leaving the Crows to eat the scraps, once the Crows were full they too flew away.

The Robins, who were the first to come, were the last to leave, having to fight harder for their food than the others, but having nothing more than crumbs.

The most important thing to note here, that as animals, they eat to their fill, take some to their babies, and that is it. They don’t store food the way humans store money.

The next day, I squashed up the bread and rice and then scattered it over the garden, making sure that it was not clumped in one place. I waited and watched as the Robins came and started eating, the Crows came, scared the Robins but the Robins just flew to the next food source. And when the Pigeons came they didn’t even scare the other two away, because there was enough food. They were all in their different section of the garden, eating their food and then left. No fighting, no issues, if the birds wanted more food, all they had to do was fly to a different section of the garden.

If wealth is distributed, everyone gets to eat. And those who want a surplus, has to work harder to get it. Which is not very different to the way things are now, because if you want money you have to work hard for it. The only difference is that that Pigeons (fat cats, very rich people, and industries) can’t take advantage of Robins because they have to work just as hard as any other bird.

People can learn from this.

The End.


Zarina Hassem said...

Brilliant post, love the analogy and such a true depiction of the world today!

Lady T said...

Thanks Zarina.

Something just occurred to me, it was birds that taught Kabeel/Cain (A.S) how to bury Habeel/Able (A.S).

Weird I think. But in a good way.