Monday, February 14, 2011

True Love

True love is being able to look at someone or in this case something, see it in its entirety, and love it regardless. I’m not talking about a man, I’m talking about movies. I love movies. It’s a real passion of mine. And I don’t mean it in a I-only-like-rom-coms-and-call-myself-a-movie-lover. I love all types of movies, from horror to comedy to the artsy stuff. My favourite genre of course is fantasy but I do love all kinds of movies.

I judge movies in different ways. The first of course is the story line. You can have the best director, actors and what not, but if you don’t actually have a story to tell, you might as well just burn your money. At least you will have pretty colours to look at. I look at the acting, directing, lighting, cinematography, sound effects/score/soundtrack, action sequences and fighting sequences. Now in terms of movie experts I don’t know the official names of things but I know what I like.

I believe that a movie cannot be all crap. There are those (few and far between) that are just awful from beginning to end. But most movies have redeeming qualities in them. Certain moments or things that made me like the movie even though most of it was crap. While bad moments (and there are many) do not ruin a movie for me, the good moments sure can save it.

So in the name of love, here are moments in movies that just took my breath away. Like I said, movies should either stick to the approved recipe for success or be so different, that it bends my reality entirely. Often the storylines of movies will stick to the ‘norm’ of fiction so that people have a point of reference. For e.g. Vampires burn by the sun. The very few movies that dispute this myth saying that in fact vampires walk around in the day time naturally with no use of rings or magic, was very unsuccessful. Get it? Good.

The following list is moments in movies that made me go wow: (in no particular order)


The specific moment that I refer to here, is the when Constantine basically commands whatever invisible force to be seen. The way in which this is done is just awesome. The tattoo on the arms and as he brings his arms together, the changing light etc. It’s just awesome. Now in movie history, I haven’t seen anything like it, so it was a wow moment for me.

Somethings gotta give

I love this movie, but the moment when she tells him that she is heartbroken just gets me every time. Another part is when she asks her daughter “what are you waiting for”. Brilliant V-day movie!

10 000 BC

A lot of my friends didn’t like this movie, but I did. But the moment that got to me the most is when I realised that all those people where building the pyramids. Now never mind what history tells us or doesn’t tell us. They were able to give a realistic, edged in stone (excuse the pun) reason for killing and kidnapping of people.

Thats all I have for now, will extend the list as soon as I can think of anything. Feel free to let me know of moments that make you go wow.

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Justin Roberts said...

i also dig movies quite a bit and agree with many of your points.
keep posting!