Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Inception and Matrix is not the same. Full Stop.

I always try and stay objective, and try not to state my opinion as fact.

But not this time.

Let us just get one thing straight....Matrix and Inception are NOT the same thing.

The underlying theme of the Matrix movies is the questioning of destiny vs. choice. For the characters, what is real is Zion. What is the ‘dream’ or in this case the illusion is the Matrix. The people who are still plugged into the Matrix is not the focus...yes they exist, which means to them, reality is skewed but to the central characters they already know what is real and what is not. What they don’t know is why they are where they are, and what do they do in order to attain freedom. Matrix is about machines creating and controlling reality for humans who are just puppets in the Matrix. The movies make the viewer question what is real or not. We find ourselves basically asking, what if we plugged in? And if we are, how would we know? This is about freedom for the people.

Inception is completely different, while maybe at some point it deals with the similer topics. Inception is about the self, the subconscious and reality. There are a few times in my life, when I had dreams that were so real, that I didn’t even know I was having them, until I woke up. Now if you have ever had a dream like this, you will understand. The characters at some point enter each other’s dreams which in essence are each person’s version of reality which exists in their subconscious (like the dark part of your mind). Now the whole time, the viewer is questioning what is real or not but the key thing here is that they question whether the characters can tell the difference. In the subconscious the world of the dreamer, that is, your own reality comes to life. The dreamer or the person is the prisoner of themselves. The question here is what is reality? This is about freedom for the self.

The ability to bring other people into your world is very cool. But not something that happens in the Matrix. We don’t see what is happening in Neo’s mind. But what is happening in the programme. His mind might be plugged into the machine which can be seen as a ‘dream’ but in Inception everyone is plugged into the dreamer.

Get it? I found this, which explains the whole 5 stages of dreams, which is cool.

At some point in social sciences you get to a point where you question the very nature of reality. Because the truth is, that how we define objects or colours for example is taught to us. Through culture, society and so forth. But the reality is, that each person might be seeing something different, but we all learn to categorise it the same why. For example, seeing the colour blue. How do we all know that everyone’s definition of what blue looks like looks the same. We only know its blue because when we were younger we were taught that blue looks a certain way. So what if, half of the world saw the colour orange and the other saw the colour pink, but because some people in the past named that specific colour blue, we define it as blue. So the differentiation of colour is there, you see different colours and name them a certain way, but there is no guarantee that we all see the same thing. Unless there have been studies to prove otherwise, I’m sticking to my story.

If you are spiritual and believe that there are worlds that exist beyond the real world that we see, you will understand Inception MUCH better. I’ll blog about my theories a little later...which will not be for the faint hearted.

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