Friday, June 12, 2009


I have a theory.

What if we were only mean to have or meet a certain number of people in our lifetime?

In 1960 something, the population of the place I live in was around 60 000 people. It has grown since then, yet when I go to the shop I see the same people, all the time. When I go to a shopping mall inside as well as outside my residence I see the same people. And if I do see some one ‘new’ it is for a very brief time. Now do I just know everyone in my neighborhood? Nope. Or do I just not notice the people I don’t know? Could be. But why is it that when I go on Facebook and check on the status updates I always only see 5 or 6 people out of 100 and something friends? Now I do understand that not all people have status or update there status as often but I think its strange.

So this is where my theory comes in. Our lives are like wheels (you know those wheels inside a clock, I don’t know what they called). Now I didn’t do science but, if the wheels were moving (you know how they interlink) towards each other at the same time, there would be certain points that would come into contact with each other repeatedly no?

What if we were only really meant to have like 1000 people in our lives at a time. And no matter what you did to ‘meet new people’ or to ‘get out into the world’ you would constantly see or meet people within those 1000 people? And if one of those 1000 people die or leave you, another person comes into your life to take that place. So you would ask what about those people who have more friends than others. Well, not all of us have the same amount of people who are meant to be in our lives, some might have 500 or some might have 10 000.

And when we let go of those people in our lives who are harmful or toxic to us or who have hurt us, only then will new people take that place. We can also get caught up, in either allowing the same type of person to step into that open space or we can choose to let someone in who is better than the last person.

And that is why I am not married. My husband has not yet worked his way into my circle yet. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Waseem said...

what the f i thought i commented on this post.

ok lemme repeat ... I think the wheel things in the clock are called clockwork, like you know the saying everything is running like clockwork. Im not sure if there is a specific name.

Interesting theory, initially i thought you were gonna that schrodinger's cat route, i think that sometimes, like if i close my eyes does the world still exist? is the world what i make it? Existential arguments in my head. Obviously this theory doesn't make sense, cos it is very egotistical to believe everyone has there own universe.

About limited circles I think it is up to us to broaden them, I should be last one talking but I think that is the truth.

Trinity said...

Okay, I don’t know what ‘schrodinger's cat route’ is?
I guess it really all comes down to whether you believe in destiny or not. Are we destined to have a certain life, or can we choose it?
I think of it like playing tennise with those ball server thingys. Life is just serving us a series of balls and its our decision which racket to use, which hand to use, what to wear…things like that. But the fact that those balls are coming towards you is not going to change but its how we hit it that matters.
The balls like the size of the clockwork thingys, are things we cannot change.
I don’t like typing the word balls. It just sounds weird. ;)

Waseem said...

i like your tennis analogy.

Schrodingers cat is the story about the cat being in the box, is the cat dead or not, you dont know unless you open the box.