Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fighting Scenes

Here is the list for my top 10 favorite fighting scenes.

Just bubbling under, is not really fighting scenes…but I think this was very cool

No12. Wanted – When Angelina is driving the car and picks the guy up

No11. 300 – When the queen is standing in front of the council and that guy accuses her. She pulls out a knife and kills him.

Now a good fight scene for me, is fluid and looks different to all the other conventions. The fight should be in context you can't have people in the 18th centaury England doing Kung-fu. But having aliens doing it...is kinda cool. Get it?

No10. Bridget Jones Diary II – fight between Mark Darcy and Daniel Clever freak’n hilarious!

No9. Troy – Hector and Achilles

No8. Watchmen – Prison Fight scene

No7. Matrix 2 – When they go and look for the key maker, it’s a little long but I like the whole thing

No6. Matrix 2 - Trinity's fight (and yes I use the name because of her), it is a bit old…but still cool for me

No5. LOTR 1: Moria fight

No4. Transformers – Optomis Prime vs. Megatron

No3. POC 2 – The three way fight was brilliant

No2. The Mummy II – Nefertiri VS. Anck-su-namun. There are very few women vs. women fight scenes that are not all claws and hair pulling. This one is pure art.

And drum Roll please…..

No1. Spiderman 2: Spiderman vs Doctor Ock. I am sure there is better out there…but this for me is like a perfection from start to finish.


M Junaid said...

action scenes?
this seems fun - can I try my hand at it?

No 11 isnt really a fight scene is it

Trinity said...

Neither is no 12...but its kwai.

Yeah sure...I forget how these taggy thingy's work...

Birdy said...

You shoulda watched transporter 3...those fight scenes were very good

Azra said...

Nice one bunky :D

Azra said...
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Trinity said...

Birdy, I will...

Thanks Azra