Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Beard or Beer Bottle

Whether it is the beer bottle you hold
Or the Beard you grow
You will stand
For 500 000 years
You will stand
In blistering heat
Waiting for judgement

Whether you point a gun for freedom
Or enslavement
You will stand
For 500 000 years
You will stand

I am not saying do not believe in the Mercy of your Lord
I am saying that it does not matter
Whether you believe
Or if you don’t
Because we will stand
For 500 000 years
We will stand and wait for judgement

So do not judge your brother
Whether he holds a bear bottle
Or grows a beard

But do not think you can point a gun
For whatever reason
And not be accountable
For we will all stand
Side by side
Waiting for judgement
By the Creator of all things


Daanish said...

Awakening call,but who is listening!

Anonymous said...

i wish people would just understand.
and stop labelling. May Allah keep the guided sheilded from the misguided fools!
bless us O Lord.. we r sinner.. we not know what You know!

Thanks for this, it is brilliant!

Trinity said...

Daanish - So true!

Seher - Insha-Allah!