Monday, May 20, 2013

My new husband *and the last*

Need I say more?
I wait with bated breath.
and a *sigh*


The Blue Grumpster said...

No, that'll do. I turn 43 when Supe comes out. It'd better not disappoint the way the previous reboot (sign) did.

So, when's the wedding?

The Blue Grumpster said...

P.S. Wait... he isn't a Muslim :p

Azra said...

Oh Puhlease! *roll eyes* *sigh*

Lady T said...

@Grumpster I hope so too. It will be a real shame if it is not. But considering that they going down the same route as Batman, you are sure to find a much more real, gritty story and character. so I'm looking forward to the new portrayal. I'm not sold on Amy Adams as Lois but okay, Henry's bare chest more than makes up for it.

As for him not being muslim, its okay - we have a bond. We just not gonna have children *grin*.

No no @azra I'm serious. He is the last. My perfect dream guy. P.S note the dream part.

The Blue Grumpster said...

I see. Well, it makes perfect sense to me.

@Azzie... She told me she wanted to marry a Muslim.

See, now she thinks I was making a bad joke.... sigh