Friday, November 2, 2012

And so out of the ashes of a pansy hero, arouse a Knight!

I was never one for Batman. Of all the heroes for me he was a pansy. But Dark Knight Rises has cured me.
I have said this some far off blog but out of all the story lines, to be able to take VERY fictional characters, and give them a real story and add and edge of fear to them, is by far one of the most creative things I've ever seen.

I love the re-telling of old stories that can actually make you like the characters more. But it helps that I wasn’t a big fan. I’m sure some serious die-hards had issues with it. It was pointed out to me only yesterday that Miranda is actually Poison Ivy. I said I wasn’t such a big fan, so when I watched the movie, it was with new eyes.

I guess that is the key to actually enjoying the remakes, and comic-type movie versions. You have to watch it, as if you don’t know the characters.

When Michelle Pfeiffer played cat woman, I totally loved her.  I didn’t like all the meowing and licking though. And Halle Berry...I don’t even want to think about it. But my oh my...the work they did with Anne Hathaway...I’m stunned. Finally a female superhero character/cat woman that I can not only respect, but who’s fighting style I can actually admire. None of that wild, lioness type, licking purring stuff. The words I am looking for are lithe, light, sleek and oh so lady like but of the iron variety. Fighting sequences were not something that I would put on my best fighting scenes, but the fighting style *Big high five*.

And then there was Bane.  Who at this moment in time, I’m completely in love with.  It’s the humanising of the bad boy, I can’t help it. And that voice! I’ll take one of those with a removable mask thank you ;)

Robin. I was totally gob-smacked when I found out he was Robin! I didn’t think they would add that story line because I had read an article where the director said it was his last movie. So why end it like that? But it was awesome.

I’ve watched it 3 times so far. And it was totally worth it. 

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