Monday, August 6, 2012

Muslim Girl Problems: When Aunt Suzie’s in Town

Thanks to Azra for the title!

I hate THAT time of the month during Ramadaan. 

The only thing worse than being caught eating in the office and asked by your non-Muslim Boss why you not fasting is nearly being caught almost eating by your Muslim boss and then him asking are you fasting?

Why do Muslim men/boys ask Muslim women/girls if they are fasting? Do you really want an answer to that? Okay... 

“No, I’m not”.

And the stupidest response I ever got from that is... 


I want to just smack them on the heads when they ask that question! As modern as I am...I hate discussing it. So my answer is...

”why do you think?”

But get them on a bad day... 

“I don’t know”.

And all I can think is ***Ay...I see the Roza got you son***

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