Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Twilight lovers only

When I read a book, and I don't like, or can't picture what the writer is discribing I often change it to the way I like would like it to look. I've seen many bloggers state who they would have prefered to play the characters in the Twilight movies. This is more of how I imagiend them when I read the book

Jacob. This is how Jacob Black looked in my head. Not like a child.

Alex Meraz

Leah. Just for the record. In the book she is pretteir than that other girl, Sam's Fiance. So why pick such an ugly girl? Now the actress, is not ugly. but they make her look ugly. Which is so not cool. I think even Vanessa Hudgens would have made a better Leah, but that would mean paying her alot of money, and lets face it, they wont do that. For me Leah looked more her with short hair.

Kirsten Kreuk

Edward. In the book he is beautiful. In the movie...not so much. Even Rob agree's that he is not as pretty as Edward. In my mind I saw him more of a Tom Welling kinda guy...only younger

Tom Welling

Rosalie. Of all the Actors, she went through the biggest change, having to bleach her skin, hair ect. So here is my question. Is she that good of an actor for you to go through all of that, rather than just choose someone who looks like that already. Seriously...I think not. She looks closer to my version

Talulah Riley

The Ring. I was highly dissapointed when I saw the ring in eclipse. Then someone pointed out, thats the way it is discribed in the book. I have one word for that ring. Ugly. This is how I saw it.

Besides that...the way everything looked either was in line with my standards or exceeded them. Lets hope the Breaking Dawn is better!

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