Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Narnia 3, should be named - King Caspian, The Sexy

It took me a while to realise that it was the same guy from the second Narnia. He looks like a man, or should I say King. Think I'm going to write to Santa and ask him for a King Caspian of my own. I'm loving the beard.

Don't like that they changed his accent. I mean, why? But I liked the movie...I thought the first two were better, but then again, I'm a warring kinda girl.

But the 3D, was highly disappointing. The picture just looked more textured that's all. It didn't do anything for the movie. If I could watch it again, I would have just watched it in normal mode. It was a waste of my money. And this was the very thing I was worried about. That everything would be made in 3D just so that they can charge us more money to watch the movie. Don't know if they actually make more money out of 3D than a normal movie.

Anyway...I love Ben

Did you know that he is the guy in the beginning of Stardust? I didn't.


pserean said...

and this is what damns all indian boys.
they watch caspian shaking his pantene-glorified hair....and think that they ,too, can pull it off.

i want a caspian too!
(but preferably with the italian accent. hmmm. was he wearing tights in this one?)

Trinity said...

So true!! I can't actually remember if he wore tights or not. Was too busy looking at his face. lol