Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love Obsession

I think I’m obsessed.

It’s not a particular person, well not this time, but rather with the very idea of Love. I want to understand it. I want to know how it happens, is there some type of sign or symptoms that you have? How do you know when you’re in love? What is love anyway? And if you’ve been in love more than once…which time was real. Is love even real?

The one thing I do know is that saying that you love someone means nothing, if they don’t feel the same way about you. And even then, what can you do with that persons love…you can’t eat it, or spend it. It does not change anything just because someone says ‘I love you’.

Biologically when a woman is fertile her body gives off all types of hormones and smells to attract a potential mate. This attraction will be stronger to the males that have the strongest immune system, and how can a women tell if a guy has a strong immune system? She can smell it in his sweat. Some also say the full moon is also to blame for people acting foolish and falling in love. Either way, people are more likely to fall in love in these periods of time. And I ask again…is any of it real?

I did realise that sometimes, falling in love has its uses. Personally, I’m against that whole notion of falling in love, because for me falling indicates that you will get hurt and I have to agree with Oprah, I don’t believe that love should hurt. But falling in love, allows people to act foolish, stupid even; saying things, doing things, and looking at people that they would not normally take an interest in. This is to create more genetic variation in their gene pool i.e. so that you can marry someone and have children outside of the people your normally use to and know. Maybe this is Gods way of making us get married to the people we are ‘meant’ to be with. And the outcome of which is really up to us. What we do with the opportunity we were given.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on the matter. I would love to know if girls actually do romantic stuff for guys? And in this world where chivalry is not required, is there guys who still do romantic stuff.

I just wanna know…for interest sake.


Anonymous said...

AS people move from one relationship to the other, they seem to think that their new love is much deeper than all the previous loves. It may seem that obessesion is the search for a "deeper love".

Trinity said...

Thanks Innocentia ;)

Anonymous said...

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Jennifer Innes said...

I think to better understand love would be to break down what it represents; things like to be accepted, to be cared for, to be validated, to be appreciated, to be showered with gifts ;p, etc. There's also the understanding that it means different things for different people, that's why some relationships work and some don't.

Trinity said...

Thanks Jennifer.
I guess the whole allure of Love is that it’s so undefinable. It’s liquid and subject to perception, change and the people who participate in it.

Alter Ego said...

love can best be described in the experience of live itself, words no matter how beautiful will always fall short.

Trinity said...

@Alter Ego, I guess that’s true...I would be interested to know how people know when they are in love. In a movie it said 'you know when you know'. So I guess, if you doubt it, that you’re not? It’s just interesting to try and understand something as elusive as the human emotion.

Alter Ego said...

its kinda ironic that you supposed to know when you in love, when in the first place you not even sure what you supposed to know.

lets put it this way if you havnt felt love or infatuation and you feel that feeling "that you know when you know" whats to say that what you feeling is actually infatuation.

So if you doubt it, it doesnt mean that you not in love in this instance i think time will tell if you really are

for me i guess one aspect of love is when you willing to sacrifice your happyness for your loved one.

It definitely is interesting, i think people understand love on different levels based on their experience, perceptions and feelings!

Mariah Kinnley said...

Love is so beautiful. I think love is a hope given towards others that they stick inside their heart. A hope thinking that the person will be with them forever. I think that people do really stupid stuff when they are in love because they have a hard time concentrating cause all their emotions get in the way. I think love is a risk that can have its ups and downs, but in the while worth taking.