Sunday, July 19, 2009


When the darkness sees you
You cannot hide
It shapes and forms and grows
And as much as you close your eyes
And cover your head
And try to hid
The darkness sees you

It grips at your soul
Digging its claws into your body
Ripping your flesh

But your screams are silent
And your body heavy
Because the darkness has you now

But do not be afraid
Soon it will be over
Ignore the light
That exists yonder
That will come and set you free
For the Darkness has you now

Even though you can feel the claws
Dig every time you move
Even though the Darkness has you
You still hope of its release?
What a stupid thing
But then again
Hope often makes fools of the brightest stars

When the darkness sees you
There is no turning back
Even though you were saved
Even though you are okay
It is now you that can see the Darkness
And for as long as you live
You will never be able to forget it