Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I hereby wish to retract my previous blog about Twilight.

I believe that when you’re wrong…you admit it.

My blog about the movie twilight was totally kak (bull shit).

After reading the book again and then reading all the other books I realised that they left soooo much out of the movie. I seriously don’t know how they are going to make the other movies. I have seen some snippets of New Moon and looks very pretty but I don’t know how they going to pull off the story line. But then again that’s what happens when they turn books into movies right?

I finished breaking dawn about two days ago…and I am still all Edwardy! I need to get out of it now, I’ve got a Masters to type up and time is against me. But I can’t stop thinking about the books!

I really did like them BUT you can see it was written by a girl or more accurately a mother. Breaking Dawn had the perfect build-up to a fight and then when it came down to it…she just let it go. I was very disappointed at that. She could have at least had them fight for like two minutes. They are all tough they could have survived! But is sounded to me like the story is not quite over and that if she wanted to, she could continue with the series.

Anyway time to get back to reality…what ever that means.


Anonymous said...

:) i havent been in touch with the book or the movie...
and i m not sure which route to take

Trinity said...

My personal opionion - Books first. They just leave too much out in the movie..but its still nice.

Waseem said...

The books vs movie thing is most evident in Harry potter Goblet of fire. The book is amazing, prob one of my favorite books, the movie was really disappointing and so rushed. It wasnt just the screenplay though, it was the set, the acting, the predictability... I could go on.

Trinity said...

Waseem, I actually liked Goblet of Fire, it is my favourite Harry Potter movie…but then again, I didn’t read any of the books. It completely sucks when they fuck up the movie and the book was brilliant.

But when they get it right...its a work of art. Just look at Lord of the Rings.