Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The fall of Men

The desire for power seems to be mans fatal flaw in more than just fiction. What is power anyway? The ability to do what ever you want to do with no consequences. There is always consequences. Whether we believe that or not.

I am sad at the station of Men today. Sad that we have to fear them. That they cheat on their wives and leave their children, or worse hurt them in ways that only true evil can conceive. I am sad that women today still fall for the same sad stories over and over again and find themselves in situations where they fear for their lives. Children are changed, destroyed and all we can do is give 16 days to think about them? Granted it is 16 days more than what we did before, it is still not enough.

Where are the heroes? Not the men who strap bombs to their chests. The men who defend the weak, and protect the innocent and give up their dreams and desires for the good of their family’s. Where are the silent heroes? I know some might say, there are still good men out there. But what are they doing about the horrors of our society?

I want to believe in the world of Men. That they would be able to honour the station that Allah (SWT) has created for them. That man can lead us to transcend our history and forge a new one for our children. But Men are weak. I know some really nice guys, but that does not stop them from cheating on their spouses or leave their children.

And that is what is really sad. That as women we have to constantly have our backs up against the wall with men. Even if a good guy came up to me, I wouldn’t even recognise him, because my defences are so high up. And they are not the heroes they once were. They will not break down the walls anymore they will just walk to the next open garage.

As long as the ordinary man does not stand up to men who use and abuse, nothing will be done. If women fight, we are “feminists” or trying to be like men. So yet again, the fate of the free world rests in the hands Men. So women, I ask you, do we leave them to their fate? Do we let them stand alone?


Azra said...

Leave them to their fate...maybe, just maybe there is one good one out of all the rotten apples.

You've been tagged by the way


Nooj said...

leave the (cant think of a word bad enough) to become extinct

KimyaShafinaaz said...

these words are powerful to read; they echo (in) my thoughts; and i wonder what it is about the walls we put up as women and men, and the drama in our minds, that keep us distant from each other. its so easy to tell ourselves that its something that we do that lets people keep us at arms length; or to excuse behaviour as defense mechanisms or even to point fingers and blame other people... but the serious work is to love ourselves; to believe in our ability to transcend these faults in character , inherent in self and spouses and others that we encounter...
its a rough road. because we want to prove that love is everything that its capable of being (as we always imagined it to be) but the evidence doesnt always suggest it so... big question is, should we allow the discoveries to be a struggle? whats the options, really? there must be more to this...

Princess said...

These words haunt me, but I am a firm beliver in Taqdeer (Fate). Let them be but be wary of them...they will soon meet their Creator at another turn.

Anonymous said...

:) I dont think there is a woman who is not touched by your post. The emotion I think is shared by so many of us.

I think that men ar a product of what society has made them very much like teh rest of us. I think some of the pressures and expectations that society has set up for us are unrealistic and leaves us often dissapointed.

When we look for real men, like some of the men from the past, I think we see a different society and a different type of woman as well.

Society needs to go back to the basics before we see men changing.

I've realised that I HAVE to believe that whoever comes along in my life can be good and can be the perfect person for me depending on who I am to them. I know deep down that no matter how hard I try or what I do, that that can still fail but I have to believe that it will be worth the effort to try on the off chance that it might work.

Trinity said...

Az & Nooj – looks like I will be doing just that

KS - I do believe that we can’t change people; all we can do is change ourselves.

Princess - I believe in fate too

EM - we make up society. It is our actions and thoughts that shape a society. I do believe that we look at the past with rose coloured glasses. The truth is that the men in the past were not that wonderful. I admire your faith. I wish I had it right now. I just feel...disappointed. But I guess everything happens for a reason right;)

Anonymous said...

"They will not break down the walls anymore they will just walk to the next open garage."

Religion is now a piece of something which when nothing fits the answer, the right answer is 'it says so in the religion'.

There obviously will come a day when things get major worse.. but then as believers we believe that the dawn will be victorious over dusk!
fantastic post!

Shoobs said...

Has anyone ever considered women could somehwat be blamed for the general insanity of men ???

Trinity said...

Thanks Seher

Shoobs...oh no you didnt just say that! lol - I knew someone was going to say it. But my thinking is how spineless a man must be then to be changed by a woman?

Shoobs said...

Spineless ??? More like simple ...

Was just asking the question tho???

PS. Hope you don't mind that I've hot linked your Blog to my Blog Roll :-)

Trinity said...

Shoobs if you mean simple like as in stupid than I agree!!

I think we should look at our own behaviour; we cannot blame anyone for the choices we make.

Not at all;)