Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ruined Fig

You have ruined the fig for me
I could never eat one again
I could never go out and buy one
Or pick one from a tree
For you have ruined the fig for me

I could never peal it
Or smell it
Or place it near my lips
Let alone on my tonge
For you have ruined the fig for me

Understand that the taste is ruined,
Not changed
Or different
Or unusual
The taste is ruined
If I could place the fig in my mouth,
All I would taste is a ruined fig

I could never enjoy it,
I could never even ingest it,
Not now, not ever
For you have ruined the fig for me

From all the others,
That has ruined things for me,
Like the wishes from my eyelashes,
Or the smell of jasmine
Or the feel of sand between my toes,
Yours was the worst betrayal

Could you not have spared the fig?
For me?
I do not know why
But all I do know
Is that you have ruined the fig me


Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

i could read the pain in this, but its a beautiful rendering.
don't let the bastard ruin the fruit.

Trinity said...

;) Thanks for the good advice!

Nooj said...

By the fig and the olive for some reason pops up. Surah tin has a great messsage. Humans can be adonises or bastartds- we have the choice

some really good songs have been ruined for me :(

Azra said...

I'm with Nooj on the songs...

Eat least they are upfront about who they are and they dont lie.

Mohamed Karolia said...

Really enjoyed reading this. I agree with Saaleha dont let anyone spoil the fruit for you.

M Junaid said...

I was going to paste Surah Tin as well but Nojkins beat me to it.

I only have fond memories of figs - Masala figs with Bor :)